Hi, i'm Anna, and i'm an Addict.

Have we met before?
we have. 
Its been a looong time though.
i know.
and i apologize 
I have been M.I.A.

But i will tell ya,
its been for a GOOD reason.
can you guess what it is?
Its the one and only....

im obsessed.
i have watched a season and a half in a week
Thats 22 episodes each season
and 45 minutes a piece.

I have been a straight up hermit lately.
I had heard all about it before
but didnt ever start it because
i didnt need another show to 
keep up on.
But my little bro Sam
{giving him all the credit}
kept talking about it
so i decided...why not?

I bet your wondering where i have
all this time to watch it?
well its because...
i quit temptation cupcake 2 weeks ago
{Thank gooooodness!}
and my new job hasnt started yet
so i thought,
i'll give it a try.

Best and worst decision.
Its soooo good. 
but its all i do now. haha.
if you havent ever watched it.
i HIGHLY recommend you do.
its uhhhmaaaazing.

♥ ♥ ♥


A little late, i know.
Please forgive....

Your probably wondering what the heck i am saying
well it is...
as in the city in Kentucky.
That is how they pronounce it.
I hope i am not losing you
I am bringing this up for a reason.

Its because this is where my older sister 
and her hubby have lived for the past YEAR!
I cannot believe its been a year.
Our family has always been really close,
so having them so far away has been 
pretty hard on all of us.
Especially now because she has a 
cute BABY in her tummy and we haven't really 
got to see her little tummy grow....

They came out to visit us for 9 days in Pocatello
They were with his family for half
and ours for half.
We were all able to work it out so we could alllll 
be there at the same time.
It was quite the time i'll tell ya.
Our family is definitely a good time!
My baby sister Kiersten had just gotten back from a 
6 week study abroad so it was a welcome party for everyone!

While Sarah and Andy were here,
We threw Sarah a baby shower.
My mom and I put it on
It was a total success.
We had such a big turnout!

we had cupcakes, chicken salad, rolls, sorbet,
fruits, veggies, etc.
We played a ton of games to win
"shower" prizes from Bath & Body Works.
{cute right?}
It was an open house feel so it was so social
and relaxed and so fun!
We were so happy with it!

My mom just got do re-do her whole upstairs
{kitchen, sunroom, family room area}

It was supposed to take 6 weeks.
but you know how construction workers are.
they say 6 weeks
and take 3 months
but its FINALLY done.
and we couldnt be more happy with it!
she has been wanting to do this for years
so it was fun for her to show it all off, too!
It looks beautiful, so modern yet so classy and welcoming!
I would show pics but i dont have any
{I'll get some soon}

♥ ♥ ♥


i do...

I do, i do, i dooooo.
We had 2 weddings this past weekend. 
One in Midway for 
Lauren Brown and Chris Jepsen's wedding. 
It was so cute.
we got there a little early and they were still taking family pics
I waited until they were done and 
then snuck a picture with the beautiful bride
They had BYU Creamery Ice Cream 
and cute cupcakes for treats
 Then when you left they had like
homemade caramel that was divine
 Spencer and I downed ours before we got to Provo
for the next wedding reception

Right before we went through Provo Canyon
We passed this sunset and i couldn't resist taking a picture

Next we headed to Spencer's cousins wedding
down in Provo
{Ben Knell and Melissa Wood}
It was the perfect setting, temperature, etc.
It was so fun to see them
They are so perfect for each other.

They had their reception the night before
And then their luncheon and sealing the next day
We were invited to all, and attended all.

Their luncheon was at Tucanos.
I had never been.
It was delish.
I got dared to eat a chicken heart
{by this waiter below}
and of course i cant pass up a dare.
So i ate it.
It tasted like chicken
but had the texture of rubber.
Probably only a once in a lifetime deal

here are a few more pics...Thanks to
Spencers Aunt and Uncle from across the table!
{haha... only speak words of love}

Then we headed to the Salt Lake Temple for the sealing
I had never been inside so i was so excited.
{our view, walking to the sealing}

♥ ♥ ♥


Down, Set..... birthday!

We were down in Utah county for some weddings 
so we decided to stay a little longer....
and we headed back to Alpine to hang
out with Spencers family.
We rode the motorcycle to Chandlers football scrimmage.
He killed it.
He plays 4 positions and rocks them all.
He had a 71 yd. run in for a touchdown.
Yep, thats my brother! 

There was a huge storm rollin in
so we thought we'd better roll out.
{since we were on the motorcycle}
we barely beat it.
After we went to go see Grandpa Monroe,
but he wasnt at his house
We saw a neighbor and asked where he was....
oh dont even worry 
he was partying it up at a neighborhood party.
The little socialite.
He is so cute, 
i cant even handle it.

He has had 2 broken hips and 
he insisted on pushing his wheelchair, 
not riding in it
He even said
"Annie, get in! I'll give you a little ride"
We chatted for a while and he showed us his
cane for when he is in the ghetto haha.
Take a look:
 {looks like a normal cane}
{then the handle turns into a dagger}
didnt expect it right?
Cute little Monroe cracks me up.

It was Hannah's birthday while we were there 
{our cute little niece}
She refused to wear anything except her
princess dress or her swim suit.
{how adorable is she}
We saw her around dinner time
and Spencers mom threw her a big party
And after she told them we were at their house
and hannah said
"Annie is my favorite, she is my best friend"
can you say ADORABLE!
I have a special little bond with this cute girl.

Hannah is Tylers little girl
Tyler is Spencers older brother and he
is in Afghanistan right now and has been for a while
He was able to call the girls
and wish Hannah a happy birthday
They surrounded the phone in pure delight
They were SOOO excited they both grabbed a phone
and just started laughing and chatting away 
{at the same time haha}
It's so cute how excited they got.
I cant imagine how hard that would be. 

Later that night we played Croquet with
Hunter and Jared and his new {and very cute}
 girlfriend Courtney.
loved her.
After we came back inside and 
hannah and victoria kept saying
"Look at my moustache"

We had to leave to go pick up my baby sister Kiersten
 at the SLC international airport
She just got back from her Study Abroad 
for 6 weeks in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji
She had a BLAST!
it was so good to see her
We thought we would treat her to her first
American meal in 6 weeks.
We told her she could have anything....
So we headed to Taco Bell
After we drove all the way to pocatello
to see my fam and....
because my older sister and bro in law
flew in from Kentucky!

Cant wait for these next few days!

♥ ♥ ♥


i like it with cream....

Man... August has been quite 
the month of fun weekends.
Spencer and I went on a date Friday Night. 
So Spencer l.o.v.e.s to golf
and i want to be good.
but im not.
{its pretty dang hard}
But you gotta start somewhere.
Fun Fact:
Did you know Golf stands for-
Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden.
Good thing times have changed! 
So we went to Logan River's driving range.
Both got a bucket of balls.
I am proud to say....
i have been to the driving range 3 times
in my wholeee life
and i am a 100 yd. driver.
{proud of it too}
i like to tell myself thats good for how beginner i am.
{i wanted an real action shot....
he insisted i get a "posed" action shot, haha}

Then... we headed to Logans best cold treat.
{on 400 N.}
Never had a better snow cone.
They definitely know whats up! 
I got blackberry.
I like it with cream...
They put a heavy whipping cream over it
and ice cream on bottom
{please refrain from slobbering all over yourself}
It is to die for.
I could have one everyday

Saturday we headed down to my cousin
Kara and her new hubby Chris' wedding reception.
It was beautiful!
They look so happy! 
I love these things because
there is NOTHING better that seeing
2 people so madly in LOVE.
And taking that love to the next step 
and being married for all time.
It truly is the best thing in this life!
We had some light snacks there
and it happened to be that our strawberry
was in the shape of a heart
{proof. love is everywhere}

Sunday I went to Ogden and spent the day
with the GEDDES fam.
They are basically like my family.
We ate dinner,
did some target shooting in the backyard
and then watched a movie.

♥ ♥ ♥


Pain in the Neck

I went to the Chiropractor
and i have a bulging disc in my neck
as i had mentioned before
where when i would exercise
my neck would pop,
i would black out,
and my arms would go numb
so i thought i better get it checked out.

i had my second appointment yesterday
He said i am in the >10% of people
who heal this fast.
{i have been wearing my amazingly stylish neck brace
all night, and when im home}
so its probably helped. 
Please... dont be so jealous.
you can all wear it when im done.
dont worry.
He got so excited and was a little shocked
i was healing so fast.
im so glad. 

So i decided to take a picture of the little
model he had of a bulging disc.
take a look...
So the white is obviously my spine
the yellow are my nerves
and the clear is the cushion basically for 
the red which is the disc.
it is supposed to look like a jelly filled donut
But my looks like the filled, spilled.
So it is pressing on my nerves causing
the numbness, pain, headaches, etc.
So my neck brace is causing everything to stretch out
so it is able to sneak back inside the donut
where it belongs.

So i wear it when i am driving 
mainly on long drives
{feel free to honk and laugh if you see me}
because it is very comfortable. 
well i take it off when im driving in the city because
its tough to turn my head to check the blind spot.

funny story....
So i was getting into Pocatello
{for my appointment}
and there was a motorcycle that wouldnt let me over
so i cut him off and he rode my butt like no ones bidness.
turns out he almost wrecked into me at the light
he got all mad 
and threw a temper tantrum 
he sped past me 
{for those in pocatello we were by Perkins}
almost knicking my back bumper
and immediately my radar detector goes off
so i slow down to 32 
{speed limit is 30}
and he flies off
turns out there were 2 motorcycle cops 
waiting at Edahow Elementary
and as i am finally coming to the school
 the cop is pulling out next to me to get the guy!
just fyi for people that dont know
cops have video cameras when they radar
so there are never any questions what happened 
if its brought to court
so the guy pulls into the scout office
{right where i turn onto my street}
and i looked at him and started laughing.
he stared at me and was so pissed.
he gets off his bike and runs to the cop and points at me.
I was laughing because for one
for two...
what is he gonna say?
i threw a tantrum and had to show her how manly i am
um .... no.
plus the cops video will show he is completely alone on the road
so there is no way to prove i am ever a part of it.
Oh man. 
it gave me quite the laugh.
I have a few wise words for you sir:

I am proud to say i have hit 10,000 views.
i am at a little over 10,300 right now
and couldnt be more excited
thanks all you little cuties.
i would like you to show yourselves.
I only have 13 legit followers.
thank you, you brave souls.
{dont judge for how little followers i have hahaha}
but i know its not all from them
so if you want to keep hiding
and reading
I promise i wont stop you!
But i appreciate your reading.
Gracias, Merci, Danke, and so on.

♥ ♥ ♥


Playing catch up?


I am guilty.
I havent blogged in over a week.
{doesnt sound that crazy}
if you knew the week i had,
you would agree with me.

So lets begin.
#1 on the list is...
what is this you may ask?
well my best friend Morgan Pederson
and her hubby Britton Pederson
have a cabin
{technically its Brit's moms}
close to Evanston, Wyoming
its right in the middle of the Uintah mountains.
This isnt any old cabin.
this is probably the most luxurious cabin you will ever see
it took 10 years to build.
but man was it worth it. 

It was Spencer and I
Morg and B-ped
Tori and Derek
Alex, kirsten and kristin
Tanner, Ryker, and Tyler.
It was basically all of Morgan's siblings
and their friends.

Our time there consisted of:
Playing Scum 
{card game}
and celebrity.
Oh and we can forget the dirty game
If... Then....

Mo-Ped and B-Ped
{Morgan and Britton Pederson}
Just in case no one got that. haha.
live in NYC now and it breaks my heart
I have known Morgan for a few years now
She is probably the closest friend i have to a sister.
I love her to death.
We met in Vilociti
{USU's Hip Hop and Breakdancing team we were on}
so everytime they are here,
i have to see them!

We were there friday-sunday.
When we got back
{Here comes #2}
we had 5 hours of The Bachelorette to watch
The Men Tell All
The Finale
After the Final Rose
It was quite the night.
I had JP pegged from the beginning.
They are so cute together.
Now lets see if they really last.

How is everyone feeling about the new Bachelor Pad?
Looked a little dramatic to me.
{its gotta be pretty dang dramatic for me to think that}
A lot of crying and sex.
Probably will still watch it anyways.

Anyone have any ideas of who the next Bachelor will be?
I hope its Ames.
He is so cute in an awkward but charming way.
I just love him
And apparently so does America.
He got QUITE the applause when he got called
in the hot seat at The Men Tell All.
Lets cross our fingers its him.

Happy Wednesday!

♥ ♥ ♥