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First Comes Love...
Then Comes Marriage...
Then Comes...


We are so excited to announce that we are EXPECTING a little one!
Due December 5, 2012!

We have been married over 2 years and were debating 
on when to start a family.
I wanted to be done with my Bachelors Degree
Partly because i was afraid i wouldn't finish if i didnt before the baby came
I told Spencer i was fine if i was pregnant my last semester.
So we came to the conclusion that 
I would get off Birth Control in February
{Feb 11 to be exact}
Then we would just let things happen.
We wouldnt try but we wouldnt prevent

So i figured it might take a few months, 
thats pretty common. 
Well my next period was really light 
but i figured it was just my body getting used to being off BC.
So i didnt think much of it. 
i took a pregnancy test just to see
so i didnt think much about it again.

Well i was promoted to Sales Administrator for Marriott
which was the same company i was working for at Elements Restaurant
I just moved back to the offices
Well anyways, i noticed my appetite being a little different
smells were stronger
{my coworkers would bring back clam chowder}
and i was SO tired.
So come month 2 before i was even supposed to have a period
i took a test.
There was something in me that just KNEW.
i had a feeling like it was... and i was right! it was...

I was still surprised but i kind of expected it!
i just screamed
"Spencer, Come in here.... HURRY!"
He ran in and i didnt even have to say anything
We hugged and cried.
it was such an spiritual experience.
yet, it didnt feel all the way real!

the funny thing was....
we found this out April 10, 2012
and on April fools day both of my sisters joked they were pregnant.
ironically i am the only one who didnt joke,
but the only one who ended up really being pregnant!
We called both families and told them the news,
they were ecstatic!

Then we called an OBGYN to set up an appt
we went in a few days later.
Turns out i was already 9 weeks along!
Almost through my first trimester! 
Woot Woot!
We were able to see the baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat
it was indescribable! 

So i had gotten off BC Feb 11,
and gotten pregnant Feb 21st
What a blessing!
a quick blessing at that

Here is my 12 week belly, 9 week ultrasound, and positive pregnancy test

♥ ♥ ♥ 

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