New me... or old me?

I feel like ME again!!! 
its a new change, but back to the old me.

I used to have blonde hair .... and had it my whole life.
Until right after i got married.
{seems to always happen that way. haha}
Anyways, i had it brown for over a YEAR
and a lot of people only know me as a brunette. 
But i am a true blonde. always have been. always will be. 

I went to Serendipity Salon and got my hair done by Julie. 
She was AMAZING! so funny too! i definitely recommend her.

and now.. i am back to the old me, 
and might i just say,
it feels sooo good! 

Here is the before (and the process) and the after!


Dark (yes it was very dark) 

then we started going blonde again and it wouldnt... so i was red for a while.

then medium

Now... I'm finally getting there! :)

This makes it seem like im the type to dye it allll the time.
Trust me im not.
It is just a LOONGGG process going back blonde from that dark

Feel free to tell me your fav! 


  1. Anna! You are so beautiful! You've always been a blondie to me :) I love your cute blog. I hope you guys are doing well!!

  2. oh anna i love the color it's at right now! it's so beautiful and natural looking! you are gorgeous. miss you guys! love you