World travelers....

Spencer and I are going on a study abroad to FRANCE this summer.
We are in Paris for 1 week, and Annecy for 3 weeks! 
Annecy is where we will be attending a university learning French :) 
and it is  right by Geneva Switzerland
(Annecy-Geneva may host Olympics in 2018!)
Here are some pictures of Annecy.....

 This is a famous Jail ^
       Lake Annecy ^

We will be staying in a hotel in Paris, 
then with a host family together while in Annecy! 
The university is right by Lake Annecy and right in the middle of the Alps! 

Our study abroad is only 4 weeks. But we will be in Europe for 6 weeks.
We are leaving May 18, and getting back July 5 :)
We are going to be traveling on our own for 2 weeks. 
We will have travelled through 8 countries by the time we are done!!!! 
WE CANNOT WAIT :) :) :) 
We will be going to:

 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Loire Valley, France
(it is known for its MANY castles, here is one)

Le Mont Saint Michel (In Normandy, France)
We are staying between the first and second block looking thing, right of the road....
kinda where the dot on the water is.

Monet's Garden

Then we meet with our Study abroad for 4 weeks.
On the weekends (travel alone) we will see: 
Lucerne, Switzerland

Then we are done with study abroad and it is back on our own...
we will then see:

Cinque Terre, Italy
(which is 5 little cities on the cliff's we will be in Vernazza)

Rome, Italy

San Gimignano

Florence, Italy

Venice, Italy

Salzburg, Austria
(this is where they filmed the Sound of Music)

Prague, Czech Republic

We are so excited for this opportunity!
It is seriously a once in a lifetime thing.
we feel soooo blessed to be able to do it!!!

I want to give a shout out to my daddy, 
he is probably one of the biggest planners of all of this. 
He has helped me get everything together,
i mean everything.
Thank you, I love you daddy :)

21 more days!!!!


  1. you do have such a great dad. i love that old mojo! :) I am SOOOO JEALOUS of this! holy smokes you will have SOOO much fun!

  2. What an amazing opportunity for you and Spencer! Have a wonderful time and keep us all back here in the states updated! Enjoy..love ya! Lisa

  3. The salzburg picture you have on here is actually in hallstatt Austria. i have been there before and its beautiful. But Salzburg is really pretty also. It has a way sweet Castle you should go too! its just right on the mountain side. , It is HUGE! I'm sure you won't miss it :)

  4. WOW! I'm SO jealous!! Have so much fun - and think of us when you're over there basking in all of the greatness of Europe!!

  5. You're going to love it! Traveling Europe is amazing especially when you're with your hubby!! xoxo

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