My dearest friend.

If i could sum up how great my mother is...
this would be it

My mom
 a.k.a ..... MOTHY.
she is literally superwoman.
she does the typical motherly things 
like cooking and cleaning and such.
But on top of it
She redoes every room in our house like every year.
She built our kitchen cabinets
(she ask for a saw and a router for christmas)
she does all the garden work.
She helps us with all our school stuff.
still. haha. mainly registration now though.
Even when we would yell at her,
she would come and tell us how much she loved us.
and tickle our backs and serve our every need
 whether we were sad or sick
i could go on f.o.r.e.v.e.rrrrrr

My mother is the most selfless person i know
She would give up anything and everything in her life to make her family happy.
And she does sometimes.
I admire her tremendously for this.
She is honorable, trustworthy, kind, gentle, and SOO funny!
I hope someday to even be HALF the woman she is
I am so lucky to have her as one of my dearest friends.
You are my inspiration.

{ i love you mothy } 

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