Im guilty as charged.
charges being the worst blogger ever lately.
i take all responsibility. 
If it counts for anything.....
i may have a little bit of an excuse.
December was the craziest month.
I will reveal why in order.

Our Anniversary - Dec 10
We had the best time
we went out to Le Nonne
{a very nice authentic italian restaurant}
where spencer had surprised me with flowers 
already at our table when we got there
and a gift.
Then we headed to Pocatello
where we checked in at 4 to enjoy our 
amazing themed suite 
"Tropical Paradise" at 
{click to view}
it was amazing!

Then we had those fun FINALS we all love
even though it isn't the funnest time of the year
i walked away fall semester with straight A's
and am still on the Dean's List at USU.
pretty proud.
This semester is my last.
I only have 1 online class and my senior paper
can't believe i'm almost done
it sounds so old to be a college grad.
i don't feel old enough yet.

Next up was the Christmas Holidays!
We spent Christmas Eve and half of Christmas Day 
with my family
{we have kept in touch with our Russian exchange
student we had 15 years ago}
and she had christmas at our house.
it was so fun to have her! 

Then we went down to the Dahl's Christmas Night
and then the 26th and 27th 
we had Spencer's family parties.
Then back up to Logan the 27th night
only to wake up the 28th morning 
and be AT the hospital by 6:30 am for my tonsillectomy.

Can i just say....
i have had my gall bladder, appendix, and tonsils out
and tonsils was the most annoying. 
i am STILLL feeling crappy and it has been 2 1/2 weeks!

But i can't complain to badly because
my sister and bro in law had their adorable baby boy 
and since i had surgery
i couldn't work
so i spent the 28-jan5 up in Pocatello
hanging out with them
and bonding with my nephew 
before they flew back to Kentucky

Can i just say
it blows we away how much i can love my nephew
and i loved him so much before i even met him
i can't even imagine how much i am going
to love my little ones when they come someday!
hard to comprehend

That leads to now.
I have been stuck inside all day
for the past while
and caught up completely on
Gossip Girl
and for all you GG fans,
um is anyone else dying about how last
episode ended in Dec?
Seriously, Chuck and Blair are FINALLY 
together, and then Chuck might die.
My sister and i were talking about it
and we both agree that Chuck is our all-time 
fav character of any TV show, of All time.
All in favor?

Well thats it for today.
{i say that like its a short post, ha}
now that i have all this free time
i will be better!

{pics of all these events to come soon}

♥ ♥ ♥