1 + 1 = 3

First Comes Love...
Then Comes Marriage...
Then Comes...


We are so excited to announce that we are EXPECTING a little one!
Due December 5, 2012!

We have been married over 2 years and were debating 
on when to start a family.
I wanted to be done with my Bachelors Degree
Partly because i was afraid i wouldn't finish if i didnt before the baby came
I told Spencer i was fine if i was pregnant my last semester.
So we came to the conclusion that 
I would get off Birth Control in February
{Feb 11 to be exact}
Then we would just let things happen.
We wouldnt try but we wouldnt prevent

So i figured it might take a few months, 
thats pretty common. 
Well my next period was really light 
but i figured it was just my body getting used to being off BC.
So i didnt think much of it. 
i took a pregnancy test just to see
so i didnt think much about it again.

Well i was promoted to Sales Administrator for Marriott
which was the same company i was working for at Elements Restaurant
I just moved back to the offices
Well anyways, i noticed my appetite being a little different
smells were stronger
{my coworkers would bring back clam chowder}
and i was SO tired.
So come month 2 before i was even supposed to have a period
i took a test.
There was something in me that just KNEW.
i had a feeling like it was... and i was right! it was...

I was still surprised but i kind of expected it!
i just screamed
"Spencer, Come in here.... HURRY!"
He ran in and i didnt even have to say anything
We hugged and cried.
it was such an spiritual experience.
yet, it didnt feel all the way real!

the funny thing was....
we found this out April 10, 2012
and on April fools day both of my sisters joked they were pregnant.
ironically i am the only one who didnt joke,
but the only one who ended up really being pregnant!
We called both families and told them the news,
they were ecstatic!

Then we called an OBGYN to set up an appt
we went in a few days later.
Turns out i was already 9 weeks along!
Almost through my first trimester! 
Woot Woot!
We were able to see the baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat
it was indescribable! 

So i had gotten off BC Feb 11,
and gotten pregnant Feb 21st
What a blessing!
a quick blessing at that

Here is my 12 week belly, 9 week ultrasound, and positive pregnancy test

♥ ♥ ♥ 


San Antonio

As in like... Texas?
This is going to be our new place of residence for the next couple months
Why the heck are we doing this, you may ask?
Summer sales, bro.
{the typical "bro" job}
We had contemplated whether or not to do this
and thought that we decided against it because
i had just barely been /promoted/ at my job.
{& Spencer wasnt a bro}
So we decided to stay and have me keep working
but then we couldnt get it out of our minds.
so halfway through the summer
{after our hawaii trip}
we headed on our way to good old Texas.

Well we got a good start and made it to about Moab
then our engine light went on.
so we had to stay the night and get it checked out the next morning.
Ended up being a faulty light.
kinda bummed we missed a whole day of travel for nothing
but you know what they say 
"Better safe than sorry"
So we headed out on our way again
we stopped at 4 corners

 We pull into San Antonio to this wonderful weather... GAG!

We soon visited Katelynn and Colby and met baby Lincoln

Just to give you perspective- look at the baked potato compared to everything else

Snuggles with Baby Lincoln & Lily

San Antonio Riverwalk
{mmmm... the best view}

{caught by Kiersten.... sleeping in church}
please note: still holding hands...
que the "Awww's"

The Alamo

Best Ice cream ever created: BLUEBELL
{they have the cookie to ice cream ratio down}

 Visited Sarah, Andy & Cooper in Louisville, KY

Something to fill our days.. Crafts.
aka... wife'n

For morning meeting one morning they threw dollar coins
into the pool and let everyone have a free for all battle
{Spencer dominated walking away with $37}
This candid pic kills me.

Sea World Date day!

Mini Golf Date
{lost by one!}

{Horse Races}

p.s. We decided on Pest Control... so Spencer is not a "bro" :)

♥ ♥ ♥ 



Well for my graduation present as you all know...
my parents paid for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii
for Spencer and I 
{with the rest of the fam}
We rented a multimillion dollar home
that was huge and had this view that...
here- see for yourself


{sunset - looking to the right}

{sunrise... the whole sky was pink}

I know right?
thats what i said,
or well... tried to say!

I got a ton of pictures around the house
but i wont overwhelm you with 100 pictures in this post
so just trust me when i say, it was NICE!

So there was an outside kitchen and sitting area
that spencer and i loved to relax in....

{big couch/bed}

{outside dinner table - and its view}
We had this huge grassy area that was all for us! 
Spencer loved sitting out and just pondering!
We spent most of our days here
just relaxing, hanging out together, and swimming.
but when we did get out...
we stopped at some fun little places.
these being...

{the Macadamia Nut plantation}

{this was on a little hike / garden tour we did}

{Visited a nice resort where there were dolpins.... my fav animal}

Visiting beaches

{this picture has NO FILTER. this is the real thing}

Then of course we had to go to church
and they gave us Lei's and everyone was so welcoming!
It happened to be Father's Day at church,
so the primary kids handed out these cute little
homemade candy bars.

We have a tradition to go to Hawaii
as a family every 2-3 years.
This time we wanted to mix things up.
we usually stay at a time share resort
but we wanted to try this house thing.
it was very different that a resort, but i can say
i think i liked it better
we didnt have any neighbors so it was so private
we had a pool / hot tub area
and time to spend just enjoying each others company.
it was heavenly......
just like this next pic

{No Filter}

Thank you mommy and daddy
for treating us to such amazing adventures.
showing us the world,
and doing it with family.
doesnt get much better than that!

♥ ♥ ♥


Kier + Matty = ♥

My little sissy got married today
It was such an amazing day!
They were sealed in the Logan, UT Temple this morning
We then went to the Riverwoods Conference Center to have a luncheon
Then we proceeded to Pocatello for the Reception which was held at my parents home

My dear Mom did almost everything for the wedding
Bless her Heart
She handmade almost every decoration
And put in countless hours for this one evening
so it could be P.E.R.F.E.C.T.
and that it was!

She goes alllll out for her kids
we are so blessed to have such an amazing example!

Here is a link to their wedding video:

Look how beautiful she is

Here is the happy couple

{look how cute the decorations were too!}

and i am so glad to welcome Matt into our family


♥ ♥ ♥ 



Last time we spoke, 
i was getting ready for graduation
Sad to say that day never came....
{Just kidding}
you better believe i made sure it happened!
after 16 years dedicated to classes and school
im finally F.R.E.E.
{woot woot}
kind of crazy to think that im done
school is such a huge part of our lives
from age 5 until your 20's your in school.
now its just... over.
that sounded like i was sad.
i guess i kind of am
its fun to be around friends and new people
and learning new things
but man am i READY to be done!
{that sounds more like it}


{my major - Family, Consumer, Human Development - and also Health}

{its official}
Graduation day seemed kind of surreal the whole day
{still kind of does}
My family and my in-laws were able to be there
we had a little party before i had to leave
lunch, cake, presents.. the whole shabang!

{cake from my family}

{Flowers from my Sweetie}

{flowers from my parents}

And my mom even made these cute little
graduation cap treats!

Then i was off to the ceremony
which lasted about an hour
and you better believe
i walked across that stage PROUD

Back to the presents part...
My family was so sweet to have this little party
to celebrate this big day for me!
They all came bearing gifts too
{my kind of party}
Spencer bought me the new iPad 3

My in laws got us a Vitamix {high tech blending machine}

My parents got us an ALL expense paid trip to Hawaii for 10 days

and they also paid for my ENTIRE college education!
i couldn't be more grateful!
honestly, i dont think i would have finished
if i would have had to pay for it myself.
And now that i have finished, i realize how blessed i am
and how glad i am that i have this degree under my belt.
So thank you!

So i think we all know how much i LOVE gifts,
and I am so grateful for all of my gifts,
but mostly i really am grateful for such a
supportive and loving family.
Thank you. I love you.

♥ ♥ ♥ 


Show me your tassel

The end is in sight!
I am almost officially a college grad.
next weekend I will be walking with my....
 Bachelors of Science Degree
in FCHD and Health
from Utah State University!

BAH! this doesnt seem real.
It's a little bittersweet
{but lets be honest...
its a little more sweet}
pics will be posted when the
actual day comes!

We have made some new
and pretty cool friends this past little while
Tia and Mike

{Aka Teen Mike}

and Jesilyn and Denton
We all live in the same complex
so its very convenient.
love them!

Jesi made us dinner last night
and after we made smores
{i golden the outside and peel off the outside layer,
then keep doing it until its gone. best way to cook a mallow}
Then Jesi did my nails
look how cute
{they are gel too.... ♥ }
So speaking of my new friends...
I have never experienced the bar scene
here in Logan...
and im not gonna lie, it kinda sucked.
{ok it really sucked}
But Jesi sang and so Tia and I went to support
{She has some pipes!}
The band after asked her to start recording
with them now.
I have a famous frienddd... woooo! haha

Not much has really happened this week
except Lily has been a nice visitor at our home all week.
She refuses to let me go ANYWHERE without her
{Im the cool aunt}

Her mom has been busy alllll week
studying for finals and getting her ENGAGEMENTS done!
woo woo!
i was looking through them to tell her my fav's
and look what i found....
looks like great minds think alike!
{same outfits and pose}
How funny is that?

Well spring has sprung here in Logan.
and im lovin it.
temp is still kinda cool but no snow.
I am already getting ready
I ordered a new swimsuit online
and it should be here in a few days!
I only have bikinis
 so i decided to venture outand get a tankini
 {and im super excited about this suit}
isnt it darling?

Even though i work full time now,
it will get some good use here in a little over a month
when we will be soakin in the rays in Hawaii
{i would use the translation of IM AMPED in hawaiian
but i dont know that. so Aloha will work for now}
One more thing....
how does everyone like the new layout of my blog?
i need opinions... Better? Worse?
♥ ♥ ♥