Show me your tassel

The end is in sight!
I am almost officially a college grad.
next weekend I will be walking with my....
 Bachelors of Science Degree
in FCHD and Health
from Utah State University!

BAH! this doesnt seem real.
It's a little bittersweet
{but lets be honest...
its a little more sweet}
pics will be posted when the
actual day comes!

We have made some new
and pretty cool friends this past little while
Tia and Mike

{Aka Teen Mike}

and Jesilyn and Denton
We all live in the same complex
so its very convenient.
love them!

Jesi made us dinner last night
and after we made smores
{i golden the outside and peel off the outside layer,
then keep doing it until its gone. best way to cook a mallow}
Then Jesi did my nails
look how cute
{they are gel too.... ♥ }
So speaking of my new friends...
I have never experienced the bar scene
here in Logan...
and im not gonna lie, it kinda sucked.
{ok it really sucked}
But Jesi sang and so Tia and I went to support
{She has some pipes!}
The band after asked her to start recording
with them now.
I have a famous frienddd... woooo! haha

Not much has really happened this week
except Lily has been a nice visitor at our home all week.
She refuses to let me go ANYWHERE without her
{Im the cool aunt}

Her mom has been busy alllll week
studying for finals and getting her ENGAGEMENTS done!
woo woo!
i was looking through them to tell her my fav's
and look what i found....
looks like great minds think alike!
{same outfits and pose}
How funny is that?

Well spring has sprung here in Logan.
and im lovin it.
temp is still kinda cool but no snow.
I am already getting ready
I ordered a new swimsuit online
and it should be here in a few days!
I only have bikinis
 so i decided to venture outand get a tankini
 {and im super excited about this suit}
isnt it darling?

Even though i work full time now,
it will get some good use here in a little over a month
when we will be soakin in the rays in Hawaii
{i would use the translation of IM AMPED in hawaiian
but i dont know that. so Aloha will work for now}
One more thing....
how does everyone like the new layout of my blog?
i need opinions... Better? Worse?
♥ ♥ ♥

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