Je t'aime

Spencer and I both had to work on Valentine's day
so we decided instead of one big night...
we would do little things together alll week long
{starting the previous saturday}
Spencer woke me up to a love letter
and 2 tickets to see
The Vow
um such a cute movie by the way
i definitely recommend it!

Then a day or so later he surprised me
with this to come home to:
{similar to his proposal}

Yesterday we went to our Eternal Marriage
Institute class and was planning on going
to the special needs Valentines Dance....
but i had to work a little late so i couldnt make it
Spencer stopped by for a few minutes while i was running late.

Then tonight i am surprising him with dinner at
Le Nonne
i only have two words for this
Crab Ravioli
it is to DIE for!
{my tummy is growling thinking about it}

Then this weekend we are going to Pocatello
to spend time with my family
and we will do all sorts of valentine's activities with
my fam. especially my 12 yr old brother
who isnt old enough to have a date yet!

So i learned the history of valentines day just recently
this is how it goes....
St. Valentine was one of many martyred saints in Rome
they cut off all of his limbs
and because that wasnt enough... {seriously?}
they took his heart and stabbed an arrow
through it and put it in the town center for
everyone to see as a warning
That is why the heart with the arrow
through it, is the symbol of
Valentine's day.
Not very romantic if you ask me
but hey.
im not gonna complain
i love being LOVED!
so i like this day

Well i hope all of you had a good

♥ ♥ ♥

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