Today was quite the day

I just wanna say.....
Good thing i am super prepared,
and always bring way toooo much stuff on trips
i brought a little mini first aide kid
...and thank goodness i did

I had been sick to my stomach
the day before and all morning in class
we also have 4 hours of class
and it was the day before the test, and we were not ready.
Anyways, i wasnt feeling too well
and all i felt like after class was a crépe. 
So we go, and like all the places i like
are closed.
So we go to this random one.
I waited in line for 20 minutes.
Surrounded by little British 10 year olds 
that wouldnt stop talking 
and the guy burned my crépe.
It wasnt that big of a deal
because i was starving.

So we continue on home on our bikes
{my wrist is still killing at this point}
and they have their own bike lanes. 
and i was just cruisin along,
minding my own buisness....
and i went to turn left 
{making sure i yielded to oncoming bikers, of course}
then i begin my turn 
{im going very slow at this point}
and all the sudden....
I get T-boned by some guy on his bike
that was going probably 20-30 MPH. 
We both went flying
{our bikes in a tangle}
and my crépe laying flat on the pavement.
The man starts yelling at me in French, 
Spencer was behind me so it took him a second to get up to us.
The man blames it on me.
I couldnt believe it.
He felt bad once he realized i wasn't just some bratty french girl
He began to apologize but it didnt make it any better
My basket was broken
{we are going to have to pay for it- we have rental bikes}
my crépe was ruined.
I landed straight on my wrist that got cut 
to catch my fall
and my leg got a massive bruise
{see below}

Not only was that enough
but everyone stopped to just watch
i was humiliated 
{even though i knew it was an accident}
i hate crying in public.....
so i picked up my bike and crépe and basket.
and biked away holding back my tears with everything i had.
This day was horrible.

I finally got home and bursted out in tears
I was starving and really hurting.
the adrenaline had worn off by now,
so i was feeling every little pain.
But i didnt even feel like eating anymore.
Spencer was so kind and comforting
he came and just tickled my back and held me 
until i felt better.
After, i got a really bad headache but took a quick nap
and was feeling a lot better.

Last night was the Music Festival.
It was just what i needed after my day.
The thing i love about Annecy
is that that have a party for everything!
The Music Festival was just a one day thing
All over town these stages would be set up alll over.
then people would just dance outside restaurants
it was such a fun atmosphere.
we got yummy ice cream and just walked around.
We even saw a hip-hop battle
{you know i had to stop and watch for a while}
then it started raining.
luckily it was already like 10:30 by now, 
so we called it a night.
we made it home in the sprinkling rain.
And right when we got home, 
man did it POUR! 

Had my test this morning and i'm pretty sure
I aced it! we will find out tomorrow
I am proud of how far i have come here!
It was my last day of class today.
It was bittersweet to be quite honest.
4 hours of class is a long time.
but i was just starting to get the hang out everything!

This is my before and after picture from being here:

♥ ♥ ♥

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